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    Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. was established in 1996 with the ambition of becoming a benchmark in the stainless steel industrial assembly and maintenance sector for the food and water sectors.
    We have a team of qualified staff, made up of engineers, team leaders, certified welders and highly experienced fitters.

    They all have a clear ability for team work, pay great attention to detail and strive for perfection.
    Montegui has a wealth of experience working for international projects and clients.
    Montegui has set itself a goal over the coming years to build on those achievements, with a particular focus on France and Germany.
    • 1,200 m2 of office and workshop space.
    • Curved cylinder, capacity of up to 30 mm thickness.
    • Bending press, up to 20 mm thickness.
    • Submerged arc for welding from 8 mm.
    • Orbital welding machine.
    • Various TIG and MIG welding machines.
    • Cranes lifting capacity of 20 t, 16 t and 5 t.

    • Process reactors.
    • Storage containers and tanks.
    • Distillation and fractionation columns.
    • Capacitors, tubular heat exchangers and reboilers.
    • Hoppers and augers.
    • Pressure equipment.

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