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Terms and Conditions
Any data that you provide us will be treated as confidential, authorising MONTEGUI Montajes Técnicos de Guipuzcoa, S.L. carry out automated processing of, keep and use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the provisions of Law 15/99 on Personal Data Protection.


+34 943 67 13 72 
  +34 943 67 20 59
Polígono Usabal s/n
   Apartado 165. 20400 Tolosa Guipúzcoa - España


The content of the Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. website may not be distributed or published along with information that promotes any illegal content.

No changes may be made to the content without the prior permission of Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L.

No image or graphic appearing on the Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. website may be used separately from any other accompanying images or text, where applicable.

Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. cannot guarantee that the information which appears on this website is correct or up to date, and therefore users should not assume that the information is correct without first checking its accuracy directly with Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. is unable to control the use to which the information may be put by the user on the Web, and therefore shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, which may arise from or in connection with the use of that information.

Do not post any illegal content or information to or from this website, or any other content or information which may give rise to civil or criminal liability in the territory to which this website relates. Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. accepts no responsibility for the content of websites which are linked to this website.

Users consulting such websites do so entirely at their own risk and must follow the terms and conditions of use of those websites. 
 Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. cannot be held responsible for third party information along with which part of the content of its website may have been added.


All content on this website is owned by Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L.

Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. allows the content of its website to be used, reproduced and distributed, provided that Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. has given its prior written permission..

Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. reserves the right to revoke authorisation to use its website content at any time, in which case all use must cease. 

The names of products which appear on this website may be registered trade marks of their respective companies.

Under no circumstances does visiting this website require the user to provide any personal information. 
Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. does not use cookies on its website.

Illegal Usage

The services provided via this website by Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. may not be used for illegal purposes or for uses not permitted by this disclaimer. 

Interfering with any third party use of Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L's web services or causing any damage to the website’s host servers or the networks connected to them is prohibited.

Políg. Usabal, s/n
20400 Tolosa Guipúzcoa
CIF: B20553095

montegui[arroba] montegui.com

Data Protection Law

Personal data which has been provided via a form is stored with your consent in an automated file owned by Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD).

This data will be used for the sole purpose of providing you with the information that you have requested.

You are hereby informed of your right to access, cancel, rectify or contest this information, under the terms established by legislation in force, by writing to the following address: Polígono Usabal s/n, 20400 Tolosa, Guipúzcoa. CIF: B20553095 http://www.montegui.es
 montegui[arroba] montegui.es Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. guarantees that it has adopted all appropriate security measures in its installations, systems and files. Montajes Técnicos Guipúzcoa S.L. also guarantees the confidentiality of personal data.

E-mail: comercial@montegui.es  

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