Study an Development
Initial study of technical documentation and interpretation of plans, drawing up of templates and isometric plans using IT tools such as SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD and the definition of the piping sections to be assembled subsequently. This makes it possible to assemble pipes in units, blocks and sub-blocks.
Preparation and Execution
Construction and assembly of supports to facilitate the installation of pipes and fittings. Positioning, connection and securing (including TIG spot welding) of pipe units and sub-units and fittings required for each installation, using the equipment required depending on the technical specifications.
Preparation for cleaning the parts by identifying the treatment to be applied, depending on the technical documentation and type of material. Main methods used are descaling and passivation for stainless steel and shot-peening with special beads for carbon steel. This means that the material can be painted by hand or using a spray gun while controlling the thickness of the layers and fulfilling the client's requirements.
Controls and Checks
Testing for leakages and fine-tuning the installation to ensure that it meets the specifications.
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